How to speed up your computer (Windows)

By | January 24, 2018

Computer has become an integral part of our life and we seldom find any house without a computer. Computer has made our lives easy and comfortable. So, it is very irritating when the computer speed is too slow, making our work and life difficult. Few tips mentioned below will help you to know how to speed up your computer.

1. Defragment your hard disk – Disk defragment rearranges the files stored on a disk for maximum efficiency. Go to My Computer; right-click on the Hard Drive then select Properties, go to the Tools tab and click Defragment now. Defragment might take few hours to defragment the hard drive.

speed up your computer by defragment step 1

speed up your computer by defragment step 2

speed up your computer by defragment step 3

2. Check hard disk space – Too little space on your hard disk can slow down your computer or eventually lead to a crash. Click on My Computer, you will be able to see free as well as used space. If your hard disk is almost full then delete some unwanted files or videos to make space on the hard disk.

3. Check for computer virus and Malware – There are few viruses which can slow down your computer. Malwares are also well-known to make pc very sluggish. You should install, update and run a good Antivirus program on a regular basis. Viruses can not only make your PC slow but also damage it. You can download free software like Malware Bytes to protect your computer from malware attacks.

4. Disk clean up – Go to My Computer > right-click on the Hard Drive > Properties >Disk Cleanup. Running disk clean up can delete hundred of temporary files and free some space on your hard disk.

speed-up-your-computer by disk cleanup step 1

speed-up-your-computer by disk cleanup step 2

speed-up-your-computer by disk cleanup step 3


5Get rid of useless programs – Sometimes we download programs but never use it. Just go through the list of downloaded apps which you can get rid of. It will help you free some disk space and might make your computer fast. Click on Control Panel >Add or Remove Programs or Uninstall Programs. Take extra precaution while uninstalling the programs as any important program if uninstalled might render your computer unstable.

speed up your computer by uninstal useless softwares


6. Disk errors – Disk errors if any will definitely slow down your computer. You can check the disk errors by going to My Computer>right click on Hard Drive>Properties>Tools and then click on Check Now as shown below.

speed up your computer by fix disk error step 1


speed up your computer by fix disk error step 2


If you get a message which says windows can’t check the disk while it is in use, then simple click on Scheduled Disk Check and click OK. It will check for errors in the next reboot.

7. Upgrade your hardware – Sometimes you might require to upgrade your hardware. Do check your RAM. If your computer is low on RAM, chances are very high that it will slow down your computer.

8. Re install your operating system – If none of the above tips work then you can think of reinstalling your operating system. As reinstallation requires technical knowledge, it is best to hire someone for reinstallation. You can take the advice of the technical person whether the operating system should be reinstalled. You should backup all your important data before reinstalling the operating system.