How to download android Apps and Games (APK files) from google play to PC

By | January 15, 2018

Android devices are not much useful if you have not installed apps. If you have internet in your mobile you can download premium and free apps or games from google store, but in case if you don’t have internet on your phone or tab and you need some apps or game then how will you get that in your phone?

There is a way to get android apps without having internet on your mobile phone. You can download android apps or games from your PC or laptop. I will explain how to download android apps and games on a PC or laptop. However you can download only free apps using this technique.

To download android apps and games from your PC you need two things, APK Downloader and your Device ID.

How to install APK Downloader Extension in chrome?

Install APK Downloader chrome extension from



When you click on ‘Install Extension Now’  button it will ask you to add to chrome, click on Add button and the extension will be added to your chrome.

Now open your chrome explorer and click on the menu icon which is located on the extreme right, click on settings then click on Extensions located on the left side.



You will find the APK Downloader on top of the list. Now click on Options. It will ask for your google store email id and GSF ID (Google Service Framework ID) or Android Device ID.

What is the GSF ID (Android Device ID) and how to get it.

Android Device ID is a unique identification code for google. Google track your device by this ID while you download android apps and games. It gets changed if Android OS is upgraded,  the device is rooted and if it is factory reset.

Find your device id by typing *#*#8255#*#*, If this is not working, then you can get your Device ID quickly by an Android app called ‘Device ID’.

When you get your Device ID, fill your google email address, password and Device ID in APK Downloader Options form and click on button Sign in.

Now you can download android apps and games to your PC or laptop following these simle steps.

  1. Go to to sign in with your gmail email id, if you don’t have gmail email id create it first then sign in.
  2. Search your required apps or game in the Search box and click on the apps or game.
  3. Copy id value from the address bar as given in below snap or you can download by clicking on the APK Downloader icon displayed on the right side of the address bar.download_apk_file_copy_value
  4. If you are not able to download by clicking on the APK Downloader icon, then go to  and paste the above copied id value in the text box and click on Generate Download Link see below screen shot.download_apk_file_past_id_value
  5. A new button Click here to download  will appear below the above clicked button. It will start downloading the APK file.download_apk_file_click_on_download
  6. Now connect your Device to your PC or Laptop and copy the downloaded APK file and paste into your device and install.

You can only download just free apps or games using this method.

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