How to bookmark in iOS and Android devices.

By | January 24, 2018

How many times it has happened that we are browsing and found something interesting but couldn’t view it completely as we have to get down at the next station or maybe we are too busy to read the article or watch the video The answer is ‘get pocket’. It is the best way to save articles, videos and more for free. It can be used for iphone, ipad, Android and Kindle Fire. You can save and pocket any content that you like and read or view it later. Pocket is the best way to save videos and images. You can save directly from your browser or application such as twitter etc. One of the important features is that once you pocket your favourite article or video, you don’t need an internet connection to view it again. Another good feature of pocket is the ability to filter content by image, video or text.

Once you log into your pocket account, you will be able to view full list of articles which can be filtered by article, image or video view.