What is link building in SEO ?

By | January 27, 2018

Link building is a process related to inbound links to your website to get higher search engine rank and good traffic to your website.

Establishing links to other websites means those websites are authorizing or voting your link by suggesting visitors that  it is a good page or a website. All inbound links increases your page value in the eye of Search Engines but all the votes passing to your page is not counted equal. It depends on website authority, trust level among the people, page rank, number of visitors and the content relativity.

The inbound links coming to your website should be similar with your subject. It means the website page who is having your links should be related to the topic of your website or website page.Related page has more value and higher weightage than unrelated page. Search Engine crawler doesn’t scan all unrelated links and your website can be penalized by Search Engines for having unrelated links.

So establish your links only in those websites who can pass your site good vote.

One way link building : If your website is getting link from some other website but your website doesn’t have link to that website then its called one way link building.

Following are the ways of one way link building
1. Article Submission
2. Directory Submission
3. Forums.
4. Writing Comments in blogs.
5. Social Bookmarking.
6. Some directories who don’t offer reciprocal link.

Reciprocal Links : A mutual link between two websites are called reciprocal links.For example if website ‘A’ links to website ‘B’ and in return website ‘B’ links to website ‘A’, then these websites are reciprocally linked. However these are not considered as genuine links. Google and other websites do not give credits to reciprocal links.

Don’t hire services of link spammers. They can drive traffic to your site for a while for months or may be for a year or until the Search engine does not identify them spam. They can’t give long-term results because generally they don’t create links based on merit and are not considered as quality links. Generally they create links by using forums, directories, blogs, social bookmark and link farms.

Link Farms : Many link building companies Offer a number of links for a certain amount. They use techniques to build links which can be easily filtered by search engines and consider it link farming as a spam. This can be reason enough to penalize your site by search engines.

Forums : Building link in forums is a most common technique using by spammers to build outbound link to your site as member signature but these links are considered low valued by search engines.

Blogs : Link spammers leave comments on blogs but blogs links are no follow link, they will not pass value to your site so it is also not valued by search engines.

Social Bookmark : Link Spammers bookmark the websites using softwares and these links are hardly indexed in Search engine. It is effective if you do it manually or purchase manual service. So do buy a manual linking package otherwise there is a high possibility that your site might be penalized.

To build a quality link to your site, search a good valued website page whose contents are having similar flavor as yours and you feel that the visitors of this page can be interested in your page content too. Request that website to put your page link in their web page. These quality links will not only send targeted traffic to your site but also make your page more authentic as Search Engine bots will follow these kind of links and consider a good link from a related site and give your site a good vote.

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