Image SEO Optimization

By | January 24, 2018

Image optimization (SEO)  is an easy way to increase more number to your website traffic and improve your website search engine ranking.

Follow the points given below while you put images in your website.

Alt Tag

Alt tag describes the image to search engine and display in place of image if image is not available or is taking too long to load. It is also read by text reader.

Alt tag description should contain keywords related to the page.You can put upto 150 characters in description.

Google Search engine spiders can’t read image untill you wont’t inform them about the image by using Alt tag.
So alt tag helps to rank your image on Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Image Title

Image title doesn’t make any impact in SEO but most browsers use title instead of alt tag to display to users on mouse over.

File name

File name should describe the image that can help you in search engine ranking. Use more than one word with dashes/hyphen to separate the words, don’t use underscore. Google consider dashes as word separators and underscores as word joiners.


It should be in such a descriptive manner that user can undersatnd the image subject.

File Size

Image should not be too big that it takes too much time to download. It should be as small as possible with good quality.
If you are planing to put a thumbnail linking to your larger image, create a thumbnail image additional to larger image so that your load time can be less. If you are using worpress, user WP plugin to reduce your image size.

Image sitemap

Image sitemap provides information of images on your website. It helps Search Engines to find and index your images in Google Image Search.

A Quick Look

1. Add Alt tag containing keywords related to the page
2. Describe image in file name with dashes as word separator.
3. Compressed file size.
4. Create image sitemap.


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