Google Chrome Screen Capture Extension

By | January 24, 2018

Screen shot or Screen capture means capturing anything shown on your computer screen and saving it as an image file. In other words, it is a way of taking a picture of your computer screen.
Screen shots are very useful if you want to demonstrate something important or to make a presentation of how software or an application works. If you don’t need a hard copy then screen shots can prove to be very economical as you save on printing cost. For example if you have seen a beautiful photo on a site which doesn’t allow you to copy or save that photo. What you can do is simply capture the screen and save it which you can always refer later on or share it with your friends.

Google chrome has come out with a nice screen capture extension known as “awesome screenshot”. It allows you to capture the entire page, or a part of it or any portion that you would like to capture. You can also blur sensitive information which you wouldn’t like to share.

Download  Awesome Screenshot : Capture & Annotate

After you download the extension you will see the screen capture icon on the top right hand side as shown below.

Google Chrome Screen Capture icon in circle

If you click on the icon you will see three menus as shown below.

Google Chrome Screen Capture menu

You can highlight specific area on your screen.

Google Chrome Screen Capture showing selected area

If you want you can blur sensitive information before capturing the screen as shown below.

Google Chrome Screen Capture showing blurred area


Awesome screen shot gives you the option to capture what is visible on the screen. It has also has one more important feature which allows you to capture the entire page irrespective of whether the entire page is visible or not.