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Cam Card – Business Card Reader

Cam card is a business card reader which allows you to store the contact information in to your mobile phone in seconds. With cam card you can store anybody’s contact information. All you need is a phone and a business card. Just click the photo of the card and in seconds the cam card scans… Read More »

How to bookmark in iOS and Android devices.

How many times it has happened that we are browsing and found something interesting but couldn’t view it completely as we have to get down at the next station or maybe we are too busy to read the article or watch the video The answer is ‘get pocket’. It is the best way to save articles, videos… Read More »

How to show Powerpoint presentations on your iPad and iPhone

When you receive a PowerPoint file from your client or a friend to run on your iPad or iPhone, you will be frustrated to know that you can’t open the ppt file directly in your iPhone or iPad. Don’t wory there are several ways to view your presentation on your iPhone or iPad. 1. Apple’s Keynote Keynote… Read More »