What is link building in SEO ?

Link building is a process related to inbound links to your website to get higher search engine rank and good traffic to your website. Establishing links to other websites means those websites are authorizing or voting your link by suggesting visitors that  it is a good page or a website. All inbound links increases your page value in… Read More »

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How to add favicon to website

1. What is favicon, why we use it ? Favicon stands for “favourite icon”. It is a small graphic icon which is displayed in your browser address bar, favorites menu, browser tab, desktop shortcut, bookmark menu and with blog feed in RSS reader.  Favicon make help to identify a website and make a brand impression. 2. What is the… Read More »

Google Chrome Screen Capture Extension

Screen shot or Screen capture means capturing anything shown on your computer screen and saving it as an image file. In other words, it is a way of taking a picture of your computer screen. Screen shots are very useful if you want to demonstrate something important or to make a presentation of how software… Read More »

Image SEO Optimization

Image optimization (SEO)  is an easy way to increase more number to your website traffic and improve your website search engine ranking. Follow the points given below while you put images in your website. Alt Tag Alt tag describes the image to search engine and display in place of image if image is not available… Read More »

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Logout Gmail all sessions

Sometimes you feel that you might not have logged out from your Gmail account in cyber cafe or at your friends house. It might be a great security risk if you might have forgot to do so. There is no need to worry. Try to log in to your gmail account from wherever you can.… Read More »

How to hide gender on Facebook

We all take certain precautions on networking sites. Some don’t give their location; few don’t mention their personal details. There are various fields to be filled when you create a Facebook account. Here we will show you how to hide your gender if you don’t want to show it. Facebook doesn’t allow keeping the gender… Read More »

Cam Card – Business Card Reader

Cam card is a business card reader which allows you to store the contact information in to your mobile phone in seconds. With cam card you can store anybody’s contact information. All you need is a phone and a business card. Just click the photo of the card and in seconds the cam card scans… Read More »

How to add Read More link without plugin in wordpress post

Some time some wordpress plugins doesn’t work, it may be your theme doesn’t support the plugin or some other reason. You can implement ‘Read more…’ link to your post without installing any plugin. You also don’t need to insert More Tag button every time you post blog by using the following code. Create your custom… Read More »

How to bookmark in iOS and Android devices.

How many times it has happened that we are browsing and found something interesting but couldn’t view it completely as we have to get down at the next station or maybe we are too busy to read the article or watch the video The answer is ‘get pocket’. It is the best way to save articles, videos… Read More »